"Oh S*%#! - I Forgot The Thing!" How to pack for a trip without losing your mind.

After just coming back from a short trip to the beach, my head was still spinning from the sheer amount of STUFF it takes to go anywhere with kids.  We have also been home for a few days now and, to be totally honest, there are still piles of bags in random spots hinting at the memories of our short-lived "vacation" (is it really ever a vacation when you have children?).

While prepping, I thought I would share some of my favorite packing hacks I found on Pinterest that made my life a little easier:

1) Start a list days before.  We have a chalkboard and I began adding things to the list as I thought of them.  By the time we were ready to go I felt fairly confident I didn't leave anything out.

2)  Pack and label the kids stuff into freezer bags.  I love doing this.  After laying out their outfits each day, I roll them up and plce into a freezer bag, labeled with the day.  Then, I put the dirty clothes back into the freezer bags so they don't get close to the clean clothes.

3)  Consider the car.  My daughter is a mess in the car.  I had to pack an easily accessible separate bag just to keep her entertained!

4)  Don't forget yourself.  I'm guilty of this.  My kids always look like a summer Old Navy ad on the beach while I can vaguely resemble someone from the show Lost.  Its easier to pack for them, but I have to take some extra time to make sure I've got what I need (this time I forgot my hair dryer).

5)  Make your partner help.  As moms its easy to take it all on, so I try to delegate some things to my husband, which he more than happily takes on.  However, if I don't offer up some ideas, he assumes I've got it all under control and steers clear.

These are all common sense clues, but I figured I would share!  Below are some family photos from our beach trip:

Beach Tip!  ***Baby powder saves our lives when it comes to removing sand***