My Tiny Twinkles

This NYE I can't help but reflect on the lovely chaos that was 2017.  I became a mother of two, we moved to a new home, and life goes on with peaks and valleys of happiness and sadness in an endless circular rhythm as I do my best to navigate this life.  During some quiet contemplation, on a whim I felt moved to write about how I have truly relished the simple moments that moved my heart the most while dreaming of - and entering - motherhood:

the moon aglow looms in the dark sky 

and reminds us its time to rest

my baby's wispy hair curls nonchalantly

as we softly step upstairs to bed

my other child shadowing my every move

succumbing to my bedtime imploration

as I lay each down their dark eyes twinkle

mirroring the sky and my motherhood meditations

I remember my dreams of wanting children

my soul searching for their unborn faces in the stars above me

I wondered what little people I would be blessed with

meeting them made the moonshine come alive

my nighttime hazy wonderings now light as air in my arms

my former meandering reveries never quite doing justice

to their sweet, sweet smell and their soft, soft hair

and their heavy, heavy arms now curled around my neck

their quiet breathing and velvet little kisses

a parallel universe to my younger version

yearning for the stars and moon to reveal

my tiny twinkles inside of me all along

patiently waiting for me to release them as shooting stars

and soar across this world with the world in awe below them