A Letter to my Mom Friends on Mother's Day: I See You

To all the women who have helped me, empowered me, and inspired me - I see you.

In the practice of yoga, "Namaste" can be translated to "The light in me, honors the light in you." And with this Mother's Day coming up I want to honor all the lights, all the mamas, in my life that have been there for me.

To my group text mamas: The mamas you can text pictures, videos, and funny GIFs at any time of day or night and you know they will respond, laugh, and cry with you.  They'll send you support and encouragement, and even if they don't text back immediately, you can be sure that when they finally get that baby down to sleep they will be eager to connect with the group with a funny emoji or sassy comment.

To my veteran mamas: Thank you for your wisdom.  Thank you for your support, your tips, your never-ending hand-me-downs, and the reassurance through the tough days that things do get easier but to also soak in the younger years right now; I can see the nostalgia in your eyes when you ask to cradle my babies just for a moment, and I'm reminded that will be me one day when mine are too big to pick up (but never too big to hold).

To my new mamas: Thank you for your fresh perspective, your new ideas, your new approaches, new research, new products, and for reminding me the beginning of my own motherhood journey.

To my mamas-to-be: The women in my life who I just know will make amazing mothers.  The ones who get that special sparkle in their eye when they talk about baby names, what they want their nursery to look like, and their dreamy smiles thinking of the babies they know in their hearts they will have some day.  Thank you for reminding me of that mystical time in my life when my babies were just twinkles in my eye and beats in my heart.

To the mamas who practice things differently: I thank you for your contradictory perspective because it challenges me to stand by own convictions, to learn to be stronger, and to learn to practice forgiveness in my heart even if I feel judged by you.

To my girl's night mamas:  The ones you drink with at night, laugh with, exchange stories with, and who make you feel not quite so alone during what can be a very lonely time as we are all just winging it for the most part.

To my playdate mamas:  There is really nothing quite like a group of mommies watching over a group of kiddos at the same time.  Thank you for always making sure to get my baby safely off of that too-high piece of furniture, or grabbing that crayon before it is completely eaten, as I run to get your little one a new diaper or bottle.  It really takes a village, and those playdates bring a sense of community and support for women that we all enjoy.

Thanks to all the mamas in my life who have touched my motherhood journey in different ways.  Once you have that tribe surrounding you and your babies there really is nothing quite like the support and love you receive.  Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!