How to Create a Meditation Space Using Your 5 Senses

If you've never meditated before, the thought of creating a quiet space can feel overwhelming.  But here is the good news - you can't "fail" at it!  Although quieting your mind can be quite challenging in the beginning, the effects of meditating and mindfulness are wonderful for your state of mind and your health.  Below are a few tips you can use to get started broken down by our five senses:

1)  Sight:  Choose a specific time of day.  Ever hear of the Swiss Trains Approach?  In the Swiss culture, punctuality is highly valued.  In a business setting a way to keep meetings focused and on-time is to start at an extremely specific time, such as 10:12, keeping those invited on their game for a punctual beginning.  If we can put forth so much effort to meet with coworkers, why can't we be just as dedicated to meet with ourselves?  Choose a time of day (I suggest either in the morning, or late at night before sleeping) and stick to it.  Look at the clock and decide on your time, for example, 7:07am, or 10:23 pm.  Keep track of the time by watching the clock and you're good to go!

2)  Touch: Get comfortable.  Your clothes need to be cozy, with no distractions.  Jeans are your enemy - keep it to soft cotton to minimize physical discomfort.  You can sit, or lay, or lounge, and feel free to use pillows or blankets to support weak areas.  Utilizing sand bags to add extra weight to certain areas too can help. *Tip: Ladies, using a sand bag, such as below, on your lower pelvis during your period can really help.

Yoga Sand Bags - Amazon Prime for $9.74

Yoga Sand Bags - Amazon Prime for $9.74


3) Smell: Explore essential oils.  If scents and candles resonate with you, there can be nothing more serene that the soft glow of a candle in a darkened space, or even a Himalayan salt lamp if you choose to meditate at night.  During the day experiment with incense or lotions to help get your mind in the right calm place.

4)  Sound: White Noise.  Listening to white noise can help your mind focus without overstimulating you.  For me, sitting in a quiet room with zero noise actually stresses me out!  Whether it is a fan or an actual white noise machine, the benefits of white noise are wonderful for creating your meditative state. 

5) Taste: Select foods carefully.  A general rule of thumb before meditating or practicing yoga is to wait at least 1 hour afterwards.  This is due to the distraction that can be digestion.  However, certain foods can actually aid your practice, such as fruit, smoothies, and almonds.  If meditating in the morning, you may want to just have a tall glass of water first to get your body ready for the day (and the moment).  Add some lemon or fruit for flavor if you need to!

So there you go!  5 Tips to help start your meditation practice.  One last tip I recommend is download the Headspace App on iTunes - its awesome and is a great way to start exploring how to begin!